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Below is part of a letter from Graeme Stevenson who is the producer of “Colour in your Life” and some links to watercolour videos: free on Youtube.


My name is Graeme Stevenson and I am sending you a link to the TV series we have developed here in Australia called ” Colour in your Life”.

The show is designed to show case Artists and their work to the public and to our ever growing international audience.
The response to the show has been amazing and the series has bought many people back to their love of Art and the Artists have found enormous increases in their sales and awareness of their work to many galleries and corporations here and internationally.

If you feel that some of your members would like to speak about being on the show then I would be happy to give them the details. They would not regret the call.
Graeme Stevenson

PH: 0407-238969

The series is aired on free to air across Australia and also on Foxtel and Sky channels. We are in negotiations for the series to go to air in America this year on PBS as well.

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